Good writing skills are the foundation of a liberal arts education and essential to a healthy democracy. The Writing Program at the University of Notre Dame supports the development of excellent writing and speaking skills by offering writing courses, tutorials, and individual consultations for all members of the University community—students, staff, and faculty.

In our Writing and Rhetoric courses, students receive instruction in the fundamentals of writing effective and ethical arguments in a variety of genres, from TED Talk-style presentations to papers written for academic journals.  In our small group tutorials, students enhance their academic writing and study skills through sustained interaction with a Writing Program faculty member. In sessions at the University Writing Center, writers receive intensive, one-to-one instruction designed to address the writer’s specific needs.

The Writing Program also provides resources for Notre Dame faculty teaching in different disciplines. Our Writing Across the Curriculum program offers seminars, educational materials, and individual consultations to faculty teaching writing-intensive courses.

Faculty and staff of the University Writing Program are committed to teaching reasoned, evidence-based, and ethical practices of communication. We invite you to browse this website to learn more about us.