Nathaniel Myers

Assistant Teaching Professor


B.A., English and Theater, DeSales University
M.Litt., English Literary Studies, University of Aberdeen, Scotland 
M.A., English Boston College
Ph.D., English, University of Notre Dame


Nathaniel Myers's scholarly interests include digital and information literacy, with a particular focus on persuasive design, post-truth discourse, and the media environments that enable both. Secondary interests include film, poetry, and new media writing. In the classroom, he seeks to foster critical modes of engagement towards digital and analog spaces, and to cultivate practices of ethical engagement with one another. 

Scholarly Work

  • "Untethering Ungrading from the Improvement Imperative.” Conference on College Composition and Communication, Chicago. March 2022.
  • "Information Literacy and the One-Shot Session: Making a More Capacious Commonplace for First-Year Composition and Libraries.” Conference on College Composition and Communication, Milwaukee. March 2020.
  • "End-Rhymes and End Rhymes: Paul Muldoon's Echoic Elegies." Post-Ireland? Essays in Contemporary Irish Poetry, edited by Jefferson Holdridge and Brian Ó Conchubhair, Wake Forest UP, 2017. 

Phone: 574-631-4710
Office: 212 Coleman Morse Center