Graduate Student Services

Writing Consultations

Writing Center tutors read drafts carefully, listen attentively to your concerns, and pose thoughtful questions that can help you better express ideas and construct your arguments.

We work with writers during all stages of the writing process—project planning, drafting, revising, and editing. We can also help you refine your writing style, overcome writer's block, or prepare material for publication. 

We offer 45-minute, one-on-one sessions with undergraduate and graduate writing consultants. Schedule your writing consultation today!

If you are working on a longer project (10 pages or more) and you would like your consultant to review a draft in advance of your appointment, please make an appointment with a graduate (GRAD) tutor. Then, email your draft to at least 48 hours before your appointment. In the message, please specify the time and date of your appointment along with the name of your tutor. Please also include some instructions about where you would like your tutor to focus during the one hour that your tutor will spend reviewing the draft. Note that most tutors can read and comment on approximately 10-12 pages in advance of an appointment.

Summer Courses for Graduate Students and Postdocs

This summer, take a convenient online course to advance your professional writing or presentation skills! Check out our summer courses online.

Camps, Retreats, and Courses

In partnership with Hesburgh Libraries and the Graduate School, the Writing Center offers several writing camps and retreats throughout the year, including Dissertation Day Camps, and a week-long Thesis/Dissertation Camp during the fall and spring breaks. 

Presenter Center

The Presenter Center can help you prepare for conference papers, job talks, class presentations, and oral exams with a welcoming and trained public speaking consultant! We provide feedback on content, organization, and delivery, and offer the option of recording your presentation. Schedule your Presenter Center consultation today, and make sure you choose the Presenter Center from the drop-down schedule menu.

Teaching Consultations

If you're wondering how to more skillfully integrate writing into your courses, our director, Matthew Capdevielle, Ph.D. would gladly chat with you in one or more teaching consultations. Instructors and faculty from all disciplines are welcome to make use of this service. 

Writing Accountability Groups 

The Writing Center invites you to join Write First, a writing accountability group that meets remotely (over Zoom) on Monday and Wednesday morning from 9:00-11:00AM and in-person (125 Hesburgh Library) on Tuesdays from 9:30-11:00AM. Fill out this form to join.

Form a writing group with other students to provide support, feedback, and accountability to each other as you pursue your writing goals. Graduate Student Life will provide funding for light snacks during your meetings! Find more information on the Graduate Student Life website.

Other Resources

English for Academic Purposes 

The English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Program, housed in the Center for the Study of Languages and Cultures, offers English language support for international students.

Graduate Services at Hesburgh Library 

Find information about research help, teaching support, and general services here.

Notre Dame Learning's Kaneb Center

The Kaneb Center provides research-based services, programs, and resources that support teaching and reflective practice at Notre Dame. 

Graduate Student Life

Find out how to get involved in the graduate student community and enhance your co-curricular life at Notre Dame at

Graduate Career Services

Graduate Career Services offers a diverse array of services to help you explore and achieve your career goals, including individual career advising.

Grants and Fellowships

The Office of Grants and Fellowships offers individual consultations to students actively working on applications. Find out about scheduling a consultation, as well as other funding opportunities on their website